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Top 10 UK’s most recommended companies

Financial companies lead this years’ top 10 list

Most recommended companies

Top 10 UK’s most recommended companies. Source:

According to the YouGov BrandIndex research, digital bank Monzo is the company with the strongest brand advocates in 2019.

Brand Advocacy Rankings surveyed past and current clients of 1,500 organizations if they’d recommend a company to family, friends, or colleagues. As a result, Monzo leads in 2019 with a score of 84.8.

The second highest score got money transfer service TransferWise, which topped last year’s table. Comparing to 2018, its rate decreased from 82.8 to 76.8, showing customers’ dissatisfaction with the fees while making cross-border payments. The smartphone brand OnePlus rounds out the top three with a score of 74.8.

Along with that, the, which reached first place in 2017 and second in 2018, has technically fallen to fourth in 2019.

Besides fintech and finance, UK consumers also like electronic brands like Shark (69.5) and Miele (69.2), coming in eighth and ninth respectively. A green gas and electricity provider Bulb is fifth overall.

Universal Studios Orlando reaches the sixth place (71.3), with Secret Escapes reaching seventh (70.8).


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