Alibaba signs strategic partnership with global energy company

Both companies will develop a partnership based on the Alibaba Business Operating System

Alibaba and Total (China) Investment

Alibaba signs strategic partnership with global energy company. Source:

Alibaba and Total (China) Investment have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. They aim to pursue strategic collaboration and drive the digital transformation of the company’s operations in China.

The partnership will provide digital infrastructure and support for Total (China) Investment’s service stations, lubricants, and special fluids businesses in China.

This way, the company will be able to enhance the accessibility and flexibility of its product offerings and services. Besides, it will accelerate its branded retail and outlet footprint and drive sustainable growth opportunities.

Digital technology is a critical driver for achieving our excellence objectives across all of Total’s business segments. Total Group’s ambition is to generate as much as $1.5 billion in value per year for the company by 2025 through digital transformation initiatives. China has a world-leading environment for digital innovation and a fertile ground for making it a reality. We hope the partnership will not only improve our business in this country but also create a best practice that we can roll out to Total Group’s overseas business, delivering better products, services, and better customer experiences to more than 8 million customers everyday worldwide
Ian Lepetit, President of Total (China) Investment

The partnership will cooperate with over 10 business units in the Alibaba Digital Economy, according to the report.

We’ve reported that the value of global trade in services is expected to grow by 31% over 5 years. It is anticipated to rise to $8 trillion compared to $6.1 trillion in 2019.


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