Ally Bank’s subsidiary partnered with Mastercard’s platform

Ally Lending and Vyze will bring more options for retailers and consumers

Ally Bank Mastercard

Ally Bank’s subsidiary partnered with Mastercard’s platform. Source:

Ally Lending has announced the partnership with Vyze, Mastercard’s alternative financing platform for retailers.

Ally Lending will function as the first installment loan lender on the Vyze platform. That would give thousands of retail merchants access to a financially stable lender for higher-ticket sale options.

On the Vyze platform, the company will offer a comprehensive installment lending solution with a range of consumer payment options.

Ally Lending brings a fully digital application process to Vyze for purchases up to $40,000.This comes with monthly fixed-rate installment loans extending from 6 to 60 months and flexible promotional offerings.

Partnering with Ally Lending allows us to continue to grow customer choice and payment flexibility in the retail sector. This opens the door for merchants to offer their shoppers a proven, trusted lending partner in Ally Lending, whose dedication to customer service and 'doing right' aligns with ours. This partnership will strengthen customer loyalty for the many retailers we work with
Mitch Ferro, CEO of Vyze for Mastercard

We’ve reported that Mastercard has partnered AptPay, a fintech solutions provider, to integrate Mastercard Send into the AptPay platform.


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