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Amazon brings revamped smart shopping carts to Whole Foods

Upgraded Dash Cart will carry more groceries right to the customers’ cars and have a simpler user interface

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Amazon announced a remodelled Dash Cart version with new conveniences and technology upgrades. Shoppers at the Whole Foods Market store in Westford, Massachusetts, will be the first to test it. 

Smart carts, first presented in 2020, are equipped with shopping software. They can weigh products directly in the basket to automate the checkout process. AI-powered cameras near the handlebar scan the items. As customers walk through the dedicated lane, the Amazon or Whole Foods app will charge an associated credit card for the groceries. Buyers see the receipt on the cart touchscreen in real-time and receive it by e-mail.

Smart Dash Carts were previously only available at the company’s Amazon Fresh grocery stores. After the upgrade, they will also appear in the Whole Foods network.

The software allows you to access your Alexa Shopping List directly from the cart screen. This way, you can check items off and view your subtotal. In addition, every cart has a coupon scanner where you can quickly apply store coupons as you shop. A makeover made the cart location service more precise. Therefore, this intelligent shopping tool will better notify you of the available in-store deals. 

Version 2.0 of Amazon Dash Cart is lighter but more spacious. It can carry four grocery bags instead of two. Separate shelves for delicate and oversized items add convenience to one’s shopping journey. The touchscreen will now show images of the nearby products so that customers won’t have to type a four-digit price look-up code to weigh fresh produce. 

With the new upgrade, Dash Carts get longer battery life and become weather-resistant. Thus, they’ll need less charging and become available to the next customer sooner. Moreover, buyers can now take the groceries all the way to their cars even when it rains. 


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