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Israeli retailer tests scan-free self-checkout solution

Beginning next month, the Israeli retailer plans to introduce the system to all its 62 outlets in the country


Israeli retailer tests scan-free self-checkout solution. Source:

Machsanei Hashuk supermarkets customers in Israel will soon be able to use a self-checkout feature.

This comes as the firm rolls out a smart cart that provides scan-free self-checkout option. Customers will get promotions, product information and personalized recommendations via an on-cart screen. They will then pay for the items bought without the need to checkout or scan the products.

Machsanei Hashuk is introducing a modular system that uses both machine learning algorithms and high-precision cameras to note items as they are removed or added to the cart and charge the purchased goods before customers leave the store. WalkOut, a Tel Aviv-based technology developed the self-checkout system. The system can be fitted to existing trolleys without the need for the store to make significant changes.

The system also prevents the need for expensive on-cloud servers and the support of high-internet bandwidth.

The use of edge computing and single-sensor architecture allows supermarkets to operate a cost-effective yet robust solution.

The device also relays info with consumers via a large touchscreen. This offers store navigation, personalized recommendations, relevant promotions and supplementary product data based on the store’s location and shopper’s history.

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