Amazon makes AI-powered Contact Lens available

Amazon contact center adds new capabilities powered by machine learning

Contact Lens

Amazon makes AI-powered Contact Lens available. Source:

Amazon has announced the general availability of Contact Lens, a set of capabilities for Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect is a fully managed cloud contact center service that helps companies deliver enhanced customer service at a lower cost.

Amazon Connect has grown very quickly in its first few years as customers find it very attractive to use the same contact center technology that Amazon has used to scale in its first 25 years. Contact Lens leverages various AWS capabilities—such as storage, transcription, natural language processing, and search—but stitches them together for customers into an easy-to-use contact analysis tool, all usable from the Amazon Connect user interface and with no machine learning or heavy programming required
Larry Augustin, Vice President Productivity Applications, AWS

The new solution is enabled by machine learning that allows the contact center to transcribe calls. Contact Lens automatically indexes call transcripts so they can be searched from the Amazon Connect console.

Moreover, it becomes easier for supervisors to search for voice interactions based on call content customer sentiment and conversation characteristics.

Contact Lens also leverages natural language processing to help supervisors uncover new issues on the contact detail page. This way, they can visually identify words and phrases in call transcripts that indicate reasons for customer outreach.

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