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Amazon opens cashier-free grocery store

Amazon’s entering into a $900 billion US grocery industry might be challenging for established players such as Walmart, Kroger and, 7-Eleven

Amazon's grocery store

Amazon opens cashier-free grocery store. Source:

Amazon announced the opening of its first full-size cashierless store in Seattle, stocking 5,000 different products. Amazon’s grocery store includes fruits, household goods, packaged seafood, alcohol, etc.

Amazon’s store is equipped with sensors, cameras, and computer vision, eliminating the need for cashiers. Although, there are a few staff members that are used to stock shelves and answer shoppers’ questions.

Besides, customers are enabled to pay for goods by scanning a QR code from their Amazon mobile app at a turnstile.

We’re just getting started here. I think what we’re trying to do here — and with all of our physical stores — is really work backward from the customer, and deliver some differentiation
Cameron Janes, vice president of Amazon’s physical retail division 

As a matter of fact, Amazon was looking to launch a cashier-free store in 2017, however, the company took years to get the complicated technology right.

At the same time, market analysts believe Amazon is in a better position to pilot new technologies without thinking about profitability compared to Walmart and other players. The data revealed that Amazon generated an income of $84 billion in the latest quarter.


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