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Amazon tests TikTok-like app features

Amazon joins other tech companies trying to generate engagement from a TikTok-like social feed

Amazon TikTok

Amazon tests TikTok-like app features. Source:

As Israeli-based AI firm Watchful Technologies informed the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is internally testing a vertical photo and video feed in its app. The tested features are currently visible only to a small number of Amazon employees. They include a stream of images and videos of products, with shoppers able to like, share and ultimately purchase items.

The project has an internal name “Inspire”. It appears in the form of a diamond widget on the app’s home screen. When users tap the icon in the bottom navigation bar, they will see posts on the feed, which will include purchase links.  

Considering the share of TikTok in the influencer marketing spend market, all big tech players have tested similar strategic moves. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Spotify, and even Netflix are trying to implement TikTok elements in their UI.

Besides, Amazon product recommendations are extremely popular on TikTok. Some influencers have attracted millions of followers solely by finding interesting Amazon products to recommend. The tag #amazonfinds has already got 25.6 billion views on the short-video streaming app. Therefore, it only makes sense that Amazon may offer its customers to find these “Amazon must-haves” natively on its app rather than through TikTok or Instagram Reels.


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