How to inspire today’s TikTokers to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs 

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Since the millennium, the world has undergone a mammoth change in the way we interact and communicate with one another. That gigantic shift is due to the emergence of the internet. The current generation of under 24-year-olds has grown up as authentic digital natives, with their social lives engrossed in social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many more.

Most recently, TikTok has rapidly become the latest popular app with today’s youth, and you will find them outside religiously practising synchronised dance moves and body-popping to the latest top hits for a perfect clip.

The world is digital, and there’s no going back. It’s clear that the future will also be digital too. But how can we inspire the TikTokers of today to become future entrepreneurs and pioneers driving the business world? We explore ways that business leaders and individuals can connect with young people and push them towards creating the businesses of tomorrow.


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Think creatively on how best to inspire young people

When it comes to inspiring young people, it’s always good to do your research into how best to effectively get a motivational message home to them.

One way to inspire young people is to use an experienced individual in the entrepreneurial business world who has been there and done it and can talk in an engaging way about their experiences. We need the entrepreneurs of today to connect with and energise the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Some providers offer a variety of different speakers from a diverse range of business backgrounds, and through using them, you will be able to easily find a webinar speaker with experience and credentials as a successful entrepreneur.

Push them towards social media selling

Shopping is changing: gone are the days when customers flocked to large retail parks to buy the latest gadgets and waited in line for hours for new products. Today, most shoppers use the internet to find the items that they’re looking for, and they use creative solutions such as social media. Many social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram, allow users to buy items directly from sellers.

The vast majority of teenagers and professionals in their 20s and 30s use social media, but they might not understand the possibilities it holds for the online retail market. So, if you’re trying to inspire young people, then showing them how to use social media for business and the opportunities it offers could be an ideal solution. You can show them that they can drive their business forward through platforms they already know and love.

Future entrepreneurs will be different to boomers

The list of the top entrepreneurs of the ‘baby boomer’ generation includes juggernauts such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

However, despite such entrepreneurs being innovative for their time, we must realise that future entrepreneurs will act differently and operate in a very different business world. Therefore, to inspire the youngsters of today, we must talk their language. Motivational speakers and experienced entrepreneurs should therefore discuss the role and potential application of digital technology in the business world of the future rather than avoid it.


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