Amazon unveils smart shopping cart

Shoppers will have receipts emailed to them after shopping is finished

smart shopping cart

Amazon unveils smart shopping cart. Source:

Amazon has introduced a smart shopping cart that automatically tracks the items customers put there during shopping.

Amazon Dash Cart uses a combination of computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion to identify items shoppers place in the cart.

After shopping is completed, sensors automatically identify the cart, and the payment is processed through an Amazon account.

As to the main advantages, customers can access their Alexa Shopping List to check the items. What is more, every cart is equipped with a coupon scanner where shoppers can quickly apply store coupons.

When the cart is available, there will be a QR code in the Amazon app that will enable you to easily sign in and begin using the cart. After that, you’ll just place your bags in the cart and start shopping.

We’ve reported that Amazon has introduced Amazon Shipping in the UK. It’s the first market outside the US where Amazon offers its premium shipping service for e-commerce retailers.


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