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Acquirer of Amazon businesses grew European commitment to $500M

It will use this money to acquire e-commerce businesses in Germany and further expand its growth across Europe


Acquirer of Amazon businesses grew European commitment to $500M. Source:

Thrasio, a company that acquires Amazon FBA brands and then scales them, will expand its recent €200 million commitment to €500 million, according to Ecommerce News.

One of its latest acquisitions is that of Bonstato, a private label brand incubator from Germany that sells on the marketplaces of Amazon in Europe. About 96% of Bonstato’s revenue comes from this popular e-commerce platform.

By acquiring Amazon FBA brands and then scaling them, Thrasio thinks it can create an ‘everybody wins’ situation.

Our international infrastructure and scale drive growth for local teams in every location. Even something that seems as simple as multi-language keyword optimization is inherently complicated and needs to take into consideration copyrights, legal complications, and a whole host of cultural nuances. We have the experience to handle what it takes; we are ramping up our international efforts quickly, starting in Europe, and expect to continue expanding across the globe
Stephanie Fox, Thrasio’s COO

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