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American Express and PayPal introduced new joint features

American Express is working with PayPal and Venmo 

American Express and PayPal introduced new joint features. Source:

Starting this month, American Express and PayPal are introducing two new features to improve the digital payments experience for US Consumer American Express Card Members using PayPal and Venmo. The first, a new way to split Card purchases with other Venmo and PayPal users and second, the ability to use Pay with Points at millions of US merchants that accept PayPal.

‘Split Card Purchases’ makes splitting the check at a restaurant or any other collective Amex purchase with family and friends easier. American Express Card Members can select a transaction directly from the Amex Mobile App and send out requests to get paid back.

Within the app, Amex splits up the total equally and then the app sends out the requests through the Card Member’s account with Venmo or PayPal. Later this month, Card Members will have the option to customize the amount requested from each person. As others pay Card Members back, they can track the money that gets applied to their linked account with Venmo or PayPal. The Card Member is responsible for paying the full purchase amount but splitting the bill doesn’t mean splitting the rewards; Card Members will continue to earn all of the rewards they would normally earn for the original purchase even when they split the purchase with friends and family.

‘Pay with Points with PayPal’ allows Card Members to use their Membership Rewards points to Pay with Points at millions of US merchants that accept PayPal, which will begin rolling out this week. This feature significantly expands the number of places where Card Members can use points. Card Members will be prompted with the option to use points for purchases in the PayPal check-out experience when using a Membership Rewards-eligible Card.

In 2020, American Express and PayPal plan to bring new features to Card Members that enhance the mobile payments experience for those who use PayPal and Venmo.

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