American Express to offer new credit solution for US newcomers

American Express partnered an international credit startup

American Express to offer new credit solution for US newcomers. Source:

American Express has started to collaborate with Nova Credit, an international credit startup, to help the foreigners coming to the US transfer their credits to the American Express. It means that international Card Members can share their credit reports with American Express during the process of applying for an American Express US Personal Card. For now, citizens from such countries as Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and more coming soon can share their credit reports with American Express.

American Express tends to be the first financial services corporation that offers non-American citizens to use Nova Credit’s Credit Passport technology while sharing their credit reports, immediately transferred into a US-equivalent credit report.

We believe that no matter where you build a credit history, you should be able to keep it. By translating international credit records from top bureaus around the world into a US-equivalent score and enabling newcomers to share their credit history with US underwriters like American Express, we are helping people who move to the US to arrive and thrive
Sara Milsten, Senior Vice President, New Member Acquisition, US Consumer Services at American Express

The whole process of application is quite simple: the applicants for a US Personal Card should authorize Nova Credit to translate their raw credit agency information into a US-equivalent credit report, and then transfer it to the American Express. This way, American Express creates the environment for credit extension for millions of people, thus building a credit history in the USA.

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