American top business concerns amid pandemic: what are they?

The company surveyed 400 investors and 100 business owners across the US

top business concerns

American top business concerns amid pandemic: what are they? Source:

UBS has conducted research revealing that 56% of business owners in the US are most concerned about healthcare costs. They are followed by 51% and 48% worrying about cybersecurity and taxes, respectively.

More than 1 in 3 business owners plan to sell or pass on their business over the next 5 years. Meanwhile, 22% don’t plan on selling or passing on businesses at all, whereas 12% haven’t decided yet.

The research has also revealed major investors’ concerns. In fact,  56% of US investors are worried about the political environment, whereas 49% are concerned about the national debt. Not like business owners, only 39% of investors are concerned about healthcare costs.

Besides, more investors want in than out. That means 26% of them plan to invest more over the next 6 months, whereas 12% are going to invest less.

We’ve reported that 23% of Americans worry about losing their jobs amid the COVID-19 crisis.


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