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Apple is bringing to the table a new BNPL payment solution

From now on, people will able to pay for the online  products using buy now, pay later service.

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Apple Inc. is bringing to the table a new BNPL payment solution. Source:

According to Сhainstoreage, Apple is preparing to introduce a BNPL solution related to Apple Pay. This introduction will be related to the upgrade of the mobile wallet. 

The globe can see the changes already in the forthcoming iOS 16. Customers will be able to pay for a purchase, breaking it up into smaller payments, and at the same time will not have to pay any interest. 

Customers can use this service wherever an Apple Pay is available and conduct a purchase using the MasterCard network. Also, potential buyers receive receipts for the transaction and can track the orders.

In addition, as part of the iOS16 upgrade, users can use their ID in Apple Wallet for apps requiring identity and age verification. To help ensure privacy and security, only the necessary information required for the transaction will be provided to the app, and the user can review and consent to share it using Apple Face ID or Touch ID biometric verification solutions. Also customers can securely share their home, office and car keys in Apple Wallet through select messaging apps.

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