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Apple Pay comes to the Netherlands

Major bank ING will be the one introducing Apple Pay on the Dutch market

Apple Pay comes to the Netherlands. Source:

Apple Pay is coming soon to the Netherlands. And the first partner is known. Major bank ING will be the one introducing Apple Pay on the Dutch market. It’s not exactly clear when consumers will be able to pay with Apple Pay in the Netherlands. But the fact is ING has launched a dedicated page on its website, teasing the upcoming launch of Apple Pay in the Netherlands, Ecommerce News reports.

Under the title “Coming Soon”, it says: “Yes! ING introduces Apple Pay. Soon, you can pay with your Apple devices, such as your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Things you always carry around with you, isn’t that great? So you never have to search for your wallet again.”

The bank also says it will keep interested people informed on that page and through their social media channels. “When the time comes, you will receive a message in the mobile banking app.”

The announcement of ING comes quite unexpected. There were some rumors about Apple Pay coming to the Netherlands, but nothing was officially confirmed until now. Some sources thought Apple would maybe skip the launch of Apple Pay on the Dutch market at least for now, as many customers in the Netherlands are already accustomed to using their bank cards for contactless payments.

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