Asda pilots self-ID cameras for automated age verification

The technology detects whether a person looks below the age of 25 years


Asda pilots self-ID cameras for automated age verification. Source:

Asda supermarkets customers can now purchase age-restricted items with their face.

This comes as Asda supermarkets in Stevenage and Pudsey introduce a software that estimates a person’s facial age. The move will ease the purchase of age-restricted items such as wine, beer and spirits.

The supermarket has installed cameras in a self-checkout screen that automatically detects a person’s facial age.

If the customers look younger than 25 years old, they are required to verify their age via Post Office EasyID or Yoti. This is in line with the UK’s 25 age restrictions for purchasing age-restricted items such as alcohol.

The AI technology that was developed by Yoti is used to estimate the age of 16- 25 years old. The innovation has a 2.33 years accuracy that is based on facial features. The system has a 98.96% reliability.

Asda will run the trial until the end of May. The innovation is part of a Home Office initiative for testing innovations that can be useful in the sale of age-restricted products.

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