AWS and NVIDIA Collaborate on Next Generation AI Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NVIDIA have started collaborating to create a next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure.

AWS and NVIDIA Collaborate on Next Generation AI Infrastructure


On Tuesday, March 21, the companies published a joint press release stating that the infrastructure will be optimized for teaching large language models (LLM) and developing generative artificial intelligence applications.

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang says that generative artificial intelligence has become a catalyst for business representatives to rethink their products and strategic development concepts. He also stated that his company is ready to direct its efforts to help customers use accelerated computing and AI to adapt them to exist in a new space of huge opportunities.

The joint press release of the companies states that the next-generation infrastructure will include tools for processing user requests concerning information in a particular field of knowledge, code generation, video and images, speech recognition, and other applications with generative artificial intelligence.

The parties to the cooperation intend to promote AI-based innovations both in large enterprises and in startups. The new solutions will reduce the adaptation time of machine learning (ML) models by six times, and allow you to train larger and more complex models. It is also expected to reduce the cost of training ML models by 40%.

AWS CEO Adam Selipski says that his company has unsurpassed experience in providing instances based on GPUs, which with each subsequent generation expand the possibilities of scaling. He also noted that currently, many customers are scaling machine learning training loads to more than 10 thousand GPUs.

With the second-generation EFA, customers will be able to scale their P5 instances to more than 20,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs, providing supercomputer capabilities on demand.

NVIDIA is actively cooperating with other companies and financial institutions as part of efforts to create solutions for the implementation of products based on artificial intelligence. In December, the company announced a partnership with Deutsche Bank to accelerate the use of AI-based technologies in the financial services sector. NVIDIA will support the bank’s transition to the cloud. The company will develop artificial intelligence and ML tools to simplify and accelerate decision-making.

Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Schweing is convinced that AI, ML, and data will change the rules of the game in the banking sector.

In September last year, the Lowe’s home goods store chain launched an interactive digital store-twin and announced that customers of NVIDIA’s Omniverse virtual world will be able to use its 3D product catalog to create new opportunities in retail applications and beyond.

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