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Google Invites Public to Test Its Bard AI Tool

Google offers users the to test a tool based on artificial intelligence Bard.

Google Invites Public to Test Its Bard AI Tool


The technology giant uses a specific example to indicate its participation in the generative intelligence race. The company cannot ignore the realities of the new technological era, because otherwise it will lose its position and turn into a small company operating on a limited scale on the periphery of a huge industry.

In a Google blog, company representatives reported that access to the artificial intelligence program was opened on Tuesday (March 21) in the United States and the United Kingdom. Shortly, the technology giant plans to provide access to this program to residents of other countries. The company also intends to introduce additional language interfaces.

Sissy Xiao and Eli Collins, Google’s vice presidents of products and research, said that Bard can be used to increase their productivity, accelerate the implementation of ideas and spark curiosity. They say that the program will allow you to plan tasks, create an algorithm for achieving goals and create a scheme for realizing creative potential.

Sissy Xiao and Eli Collins say that a significant amount of knowledge was obtained based on the results of the Bard testing. The next stage in the development of this product is feedback from a large number of users.

Bard uses the Big Language Research Model (LLM), which the company describes as a prediction mechanism that generates responses when a request is received by selecting one word from those words that will be next with the highest probability.

Sissy Xiao and Eli Collins say that LLM is an exciting technology, but has several drawbacks. The model works with arrays of information that contain, among other things, false ideas about certain facts and phenomena. Unfortunately, all kinds of misconceptions and unfounded stereotypical judgments are sometimes part of the responses to user requests. They also noted that LLM sometimes positions misconceptions as absolutely correct data.

Users of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence generation tool from OpenAI, have previously encountered a similar problem.

For Google, incorrect responses to queries are a sensitive aspect of the application of artificial intelligence. The parent company of the technology giant Alphabet lost $100 billion in market capitalization in February. This was because Bard gave an inaccurate response to the request.

Currently, Google is actively competing with Microsoft for a leading position in the space of artificial intelligence. So far, it is impossible to predict the outcome of this struggle. Many experts believe that Microsoft will not be able to offer an equivalent alternative to Google datasets, payment tools, and search dominance.

Microsoft shows a high level of activity in the field of developments based on artificial intelligence. In 2019, the company invested $1 billion in OpenAI and became a partner of this cloud computing firm. Earlier this year, the tech giant signed a new $10 billion deal with OpenAI.

As we have reported earlier, OpenAI Launches Latest Version of ChatGPT With Waitlist.

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