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OpenAI Launches Latest Version of ChatGPT With Waitlist

The new version of ChatGPT has become available via the waiting list.

OpenAI Launches Latest Version of ChatGPT With Waitlist


ChatGPT-4 was launched on March 14 with a waiting list in the OpenAI Application Programming Interface (API) and ChatGPT+. This was announced by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman on Twitter. He also noted that the new development is more creative, has a deeper understanding of the surrounding reality, and is characterized by a lower degree of bias.

Sam Altman claims that the new version of ChatGPT can pass the bar exam and score 5 points on several AP exams.

The page dedicated to GPT-4 on the company’s website contains information that the chatbot scored 10% of the best results among those tested on a simulated bar exam, while its predecessor, GPT-3.5, scored 10% of the worst.

Sam Altman noted that GPT-4 has not reached perfection and is still limited in many ways. He also drew attention to the fact that the first experience of interacting with the new version of the chatbot may be more impressive compared to the subsequent practice of communicating with artificial intelligence in this configuration.

With this latest model, OpenAI previews the visual input for GPT-4 and allows developers to customize its behavior.

The new model can accept images and text input data, while simultaneously producing the finished text. The original images are not yet publicly available, being present only in the preview of the study.

The company is also opening up its framework for automated artificial intelligence performance evaluation to allow anyone to help OpenAI improve its models.

The company reports that it uses GPT-4 internally in functions such as support, sales, content moderation, and programming.

Sam Altman says that the initial training of the new version of the chatbot was carried out for a long time, but before the developers were convinced that this model was ready for release, a lot of time passed.

The previous version of GPT became a sensation. The mass consumer found that a chatbot with artificial intelligence copes well with the role of an interlocutor with deep knowledge in many areas of life.

At the end of February, Openal and Bain & The Company created a global service alliance to help corporate customers realize the value of artificial intelligence. Managing Partner of Bain & Company around the world Manny Maceda said that the development of artificial intelligence brings the world closer to the industrial revolution in the field of intellectual labor and contributes to fundamental changes in the architecture of the business.

As we have reported earlier, Microsoft to Expand ChatGPT Access.

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