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Microsoft to Expand ChatGPT Access

Microsoft will expand access to ChatGPT amid rumors of OpenAI investments.


Microsoft said it is widening access to futuristic ChatGPT chatbot. Source:

Microsoft announced on January 16 that it was expanding access to popular software from OpenAI. The company supports this startup, which is now popular. ChatGPT represents a new level of human-neural network interaction. The chatbot supports queries in all languages of the world.

Microsoft said that the startup’s technology has become publicly available. The company expects that this solution will contribute to an increase in the number of users. Previously, Microsoft demonstrated the technology to its cloud computing customers in the Azure OpenAI Service program.

Now the company is considering the possibility of increasing its stake in OpenAI by $ 1 billion. This information has been published by several news sites, but there is no official confirmation yet. According to rumors, the company shortly may direct investments of $ 10 billion to the development of a startup. Representatives of OpenAI do not comment on data on financial influences.

The popularity of OpenAI has grown dramatically after the November release of ChatGPT. The capabilities of artificial intelligence now allow the chatbot to write poetry and literary works in the form of prose. ChatGPT also mastered writing computer code on command.

The chatbot is based on generative artificial intelligence, which creates new content after training on huge amounts of data.

Microsoft said it is now checking customers’ apps. This work is carried out to reduce the risks of software abuse. Filters have been created that detect malicious information. Potentially dangerous data can be entered by users or can be created by technology. The business potential of this software has attracted huge venture investments in startups producing it.

Microsoft said that CarMax, KPMG, and others use its Azure OpenAI service.

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