Banco de la Nación del Perú goes live with Temenos 

The bank plans to create over 24 million accounts to deliver financial relief funds, setting a new record in Latin America


Banco de la Nación del Perú goes live with Temenos. Source:

Banco de la Nación del Perú went live with Temenos, the banking software company. In the first phase of the implementation, Temenos Banking Cloud supported the opening of two million new digital accounts called Cuentas DNI.

These accounts were created with DNI of each citizen, as part of the Yanapay Individual Economic Support program to provide government relief funds in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every Peruvian citizen, age 18 and older, with a DNI is automatically allocated a Cuentas DNI, fostering financial inclusion. Of the two million people who received a Cuentas DNI, more than 1.8 million previously did not have a bank account.

Banco de la Nación del Perú has approximately 570 branches, 60% of which are located in remote areas of the country. One of the bank’s key objectives is to promote financial inclusion through sustainable and modern business practices.

Only 52% of adults in Peru have a bank account, according to data from the National Household Survey (ENAHO) and collected by the SBS. In response to the pandemic, the Peruvian government has launched special programs to distribute funds to the most vulnerable populations, using  Cuentas DNI, has facilitated the payment of one of these bonds to millions of unbanked Peruvians.

With the Temenos open platform for composable banking, Banco de la Nación del Perú will be able to scale massively, launch new products quickly and modernize other lines of business. The operational cost efficiencies will enable Banco de la Nación’ to offer its customers better benefits such as lower fees.

This is the beginning of Banco de la Nación’s modernization towards digital banking that will allow us to create more than 24 million accounts, and deliver financial inclusion to Peruvians. The challenge is to quickly develop enhancements that will encourage citizens to make greater use of their cellphones to carry out secure financial transactions, through Cuentas DNI. Our aim is to develop the right partnerships to make our services more accessible to clients. Banco de la Nación's vision is for the Cuentas DNI to become the gateway to more sophisticated services to Peruvians
Liliana Casafranca, account leader from Cuentas DNI at Banco de la Nación del Perú


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