Bank of Canada reports a fraudulent investment scheme

The fraudulent investment company presented a false partnership agreement with the Bank

Bank of Canada reports a fraudulent investment scheme. Source:

The Bank of Canada on its official website announced it has become aware of a fraudulent investment scheme on the part of World Way Capital (“WWC”).

WWC is presenting a fraudulent Deposit Guarantee/Investor Compensation sheet dated February 2019 to potential investors, purporting that the Bank will guarantee deposits (in US$ and cryptocurrencies). WWC is also presenting a false partnership agreement with the Bank dated January 29, 2018.

This fraudulent investment scheme misrepresents the Bank and makes use of the Bank’s name, identity, logos, trade-marks and letterhead without authorization. The Bank has no partnership agreement with WWC. The Bank does not accept deposits nor does it guarantee any deposits or investments with WWC or any other company. The Bank has no connection to this scam
The Bank of Canada

The Bank reminds that its employees and officers do not request personal or financial information through email or social media messaging applications and do not participate in any Internet-based communications that request information or payment for services.

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