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Bank unveils payment preferences of Europeans

The survey analyzes consumer practices of 4 European countries where Oney Bank runs business: Spain, Portugal, Poland, and France

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Bank unveils payment preferences of Europeans. Source:

Oney Bank reveals that Europeans enjoy the ability to choose their payment method, whether it’s a bank card, cash, prepaid card or mobile payment.

On average, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish consumers use 5 and more different payment methods to pay for their purchases. Although, the bank card is still the preferred solution for 71% of the French and 68% of the Poles surveyed.

For 9 out of 10 consumers security remains a primary factor. The survey shows that among the 4 customer expectations, for 53% the need for security is more important than simplicity (16%), speed (13%), and confidentiality (12%).

European consumers are also frequent users of split payments. For 30% of people surveyed in France, the possibility of paying in several installments is a decisive factor in the choice of a retailer.

The study also focuses on the payment methods of the future. Despite the fact that European consumers are generally open to new shopping experiences, there are many of them being suspicious of future payment methods, especially if they are 100% digital.


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