Blockchain and agricultural industry: things to learn

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Ever since the initial establishment of cryptocurrencies, it has been subject to high praises by investors. The Blockchain technology that powers the digital assets is a public ledger that permits users to interchange values with each other without the requirement of a third party. It has also been the topic of research in several industries. Many of them have incorporated blockchain technology into their systems.


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What is Blockchain?

Information and Communication Technology, ICT in short, does not avoid prejudices when collecting any data.

  • A possible way to overcome such prejudices is to make data manipulation difficult for many people.
  • Blockchain technology is a type of ledger system where agents store information on generating, transacting and even benefitting from the product.
  • Every engaging party altogether manages the public ledger through a connected or peer-to-peer network.
  • A newly created record needs to be authenticated by the network before its addition to the Blockchain.
  • After adding a block, it cannot be practically changed as this can lead to a potential alteration in all the subsequent blocks in the entire Blockchain. Trading Bitcoins can be a matter of confusion for any beginner. The crypto trading app can be helpful to them in such cases.

Blockchain and agriculture:

Blockchain technology has great potential in three chief areas of the industry:

  1. Origin and thorough transparency
  2. Online payments, credits and much fewer transaction fees
  3. Managing the supply chain transactions and finances
  • Enabling transparency in the food chain demands consumers to know more about the food they intake is increasing day by day. Somehow, producers are still struggling to make this accurate data available to them. In such a scenario, Blockchain technology can be of immense help.
  • Better finance for the growing world – Blockchain has the strength to enhance the accessibility to financing in the present-day world. Agriculture employs over a billion people globally, and for small farmers, easy access to capital is quite challenging. Blockchain is already showing its potential in removing this challenge.
  • Efficient supply chains – trillions of cash flow between farmers and the consumers every year yet, these transactions are not efficient. Blockchain can develop the settlement for farmers, purchasers and also financial institutions.

Application of Blockchain:

Blockchain has played a severe role in advancing the agricultural industry.

1. Smart agriculture – essential data is the factor underlying the agri-food systems, and it supports the various aspects of farming.

  • A chief issue faced by the smart agriculture industry is to establish an integrated security system to manage and store data.
  • Traditional techniques to manage any essential data is prone to inaccuracy and alteration of information.
  • Blockchain technology facilitates the procedure of storing data that various contributors in the supply chain produce.
  • It ensures the accuracy and safety of the data and makes sure that the inputs by producers and various stakeholders are irreversible.

2. The food supply chain – the developing nations and intense market competition are responsible for the increasing supply chains that have become complex and endless.

  • Blockchain technology ensures a trustworthy relationship between consumers and producers.
  • There is more transparency in the total supply chain, and individual product information is stored in the Blockchain.
  • Blockchain ensures that accurate and exact data of the product is available to the consumers through the blockchain system. It provides a safe, secured and irreversible way of storing the collected information and data at the beginning of the supply chain itself.

Farmers have always been the finders of new advanced technologies that will aid in farming and deliver authentic value products. Blockchain undoubtedly has severe strength in eradicating all agricultural problems. If we look aside from the popularity of Blockchain and assess its advantages, it can help the agricultural sector to bloom.


Blockchain technology has immensely helped the agriculture industry implement transparency to an efficient supply chain, and everything is advancing by it.


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