BMW Introduces In-Car Parking Payments

BMW drivers in two European countries can find parking spaces and pay for parking, using its in-vehicle infotainment system or My BMW app

BMW parking payments

BMW Introduces In-Car Parking Payments. Source:

BMW has rolled out the parking payment service in Germany and Austria for vehicles that support its operating systems 7 and 8. The new tool enables drivers to locate parking spots, receive automated payment requests and pay at their chosen location with My BMW app or in-car infotainment system.

The service uses the technology and database of connected vehicle service provider Parkopedia. Its activation doesn’t require any actions from the driver, automatically enabling interaction between payable locations and vehicle sensors. The parking transaction ends as soon as the driver leaves the parking location.

To start using the service, BMW drivers should log in with their BMW ConnectedDrive account or BMW ID and activate the service. Payment methods can be entered and stored with the associated QR code on the infotainment screen. Additional enforcement of authentication at the point of purchase is not required.

Finally, the service may create accurate ‘geofences’ to automate payment requests within a specified area or payment zone. At the same time, customers won’t need to use alternative smartphone apps or parking payment machines to provide location information.

Next year, the BMW parking payment service will expand to other European countries.


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