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Brazilians can now make and accept payments on WhatsApp

A large number of Brazilians are currently looking for fast and secure ways to carry out transactions

Mastercard WhatsApp

Brazilians can now make and accept payments on WhatsApp. Source:

Mastercard will enable Brazilians to send and receive money through WhatsApp meaning an extension of Mastercard’s partnership with Facebook.

According to information, Mastercard cardholders banking with Nubank and Sicredi are among the first in the country to experience a new solution. More banking partners are expected to join the program later.

Along with that, WhatsApp users can also pay small businesses through the WhatsApp Business Application. This enables instant digital payments to millions of small businesses in Brazil.

The survey has found that 60% of Brazilians already use WhatsApp to interact with small businesses. And the fact of enabling payments through WhatsApp will now allow consumers to complete the order without leaving the app.

Over a third of young Brazilians make payments through their mobile phone regularly today, and we know immediacy of payment transfers and instant confirmations are the most important factors for this segment of consumersu044e Our partnership with WhatsApp, powered by Mastercard Send, is just another example of how Mastercard is providing innovative new solutions for customers and consumers all around the world, enabling them to send and receive money, when, where and how they want. Mastercard Send plays a key role in diversifying Mastercard’s payment flows and enhancing payment experiences for customers
Shari Krikorian, Senior Vice President, New Payment Platforms, Products and Innovation, Mastercard

We’ve reported that Mastercard and Octet Europe have announced the launch of a new trade solution across the European Economic Area (EEA). With the Mastercard Trade Solution, SMEs can grow their business by managing any business transaction in a safe, real-time, and more efficient way.


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