British payment platform opens its APIs

From now, VibePay makes its payments available for businesses


British payment platform opens its APIs. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, VibePay has opened up its APIs for B2B and subscription payments, thus making available for retailers, businesses, and SMEs. The company announced its plans after it secured €1.4 million in funding, making the total investment reach €7.2 million.

Besides, opening up VibePay APIs to companies is expected to reduce friction, fees, and frustration at the checkout. Moreover, with the update, brands can process checkout and subscription payments online.

Despite the launch was planned for Q3 2020, the company brought it forwards to help SMEs during the lockdown. That’s also why VibePay offers SMEs a 3-month free trial.

Since its beta launch in October 2019, the VibePay app processed over €3.4 million in requests and payments from customers. According to the forecast, this number is expected to reach over €11 million by the next quarter.

As the company explained, it wants to further boost this amount with a round of series A funding further in 2020. This way, VibePay aims to support its next stage of growth.


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