Car manufacturers to focus on digital transformation

The development of digital technologies makes the automotive industry to move on towards innovations

digital transformation

Car manufacturers to focus on digital transformation. Source:

According to GlobalData, auto manufacturers need to look for new digital solutions to create new models and follow the rapidly transforming industry.

Due to the fact that the automotive industry is moving towards autonomous cars, the demand for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is growing. Mobileye, Intel’s ADAS developer recently launched an AI-powered collision avoidance system. It warns vehicle drivers with visual and audio alerts in real-time to avoid collisions.

Along with that, 3D printing technology can enable automakers to produce even the most complex parts, eliminating the need to build manufacturing tools. For example, Volkswagen signed an agreement with HP for the commercial production of its auto parts using 3D printing. It would significantly decrease manufacturing costs and time.

In addition to that, Lexus created the world’s first AI-scripted commercial. The 60-second TV advertisement used machine learning to analyze the text, audio, and footage of the brand’s campaigns.

Audi, for example, rolled out the technology allowing to combine VR games with real vehicle data. It uses navigational data of a travel route, time and integrates with the vehicle data enabling passengers to play videos and games on the go.

What is more, AT&T and CarForce found a solution for fleet managers, car dealers and repair shops. They would use the Internet of Things and AI to predict vehicle issues in advance.

Another company Waymo has launched a self-driving taxi service in Arizona, which has already ignited the race between automakers and tech providers.

The automotive industry is ripe to convert digital disruption into opportunity. Auto manufacturers can explore new ways to connect customer-centric journeys and build models around them. However, sustaining in the digital age requires predictive intelligence and right timing to respond to changes in the ecosystem. In the rapidly transforming world where the future is not certain, the next decade will be crucial for automotive companies to quickly capitalize on new opportunities and benefit from disruptive innovation
Kiran Raj, Disruptive Tech Analyst at GlobalData


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