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ChatGPT Helps Students Cheating, OpenAI Works on Mitigation

US Educators are blocking the use of ChatGPT on its premises, while the company behind it develops a solution to help spot the AI-generated texts

ChatGPT school cheating

ChatGPT can potentially write good-quality school papers. Image: Depositphotos

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets more creative, public schools authorities are worried it may have negative impact on student learning. Thus, NYC public schools will ban both students and teachers from using ChatGPT tool on the district’s networks and devices. Meanwhile, its creator – OpenAI – is reportedly developing “mitigations” to help anyone spot text generated by the powerful chatbot tool.

ChatGPT is able to answer questions on a wide range of topics. Furthermore, these answers may come in an essay form giving students additional opportunities to cheat effortlessly. The Internet community has widely experimented with the tool on writing school papers with pretty good results. For instance, Arizona State University professor Dan Gillmor tested ChatGPT with a typical assignment for students and found that the AI’s essay would’ve easily earned “a good grade.”

Besides cheating threats, educators are worried that using ChatGPT and similar tools for learning purposes harms students’ critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential for academic and lifelong success. The problem with the popular AI chatbot is that its answers may sound very convincing even when they aren’t factually true. With the simplicity of use, students may tend to rely on ChatGPT for getting knowledge without fact-checking the information.

Nevertheless, the OpenAI company, which created the tool is well aware about the discussed issues. It is currently working on tools to spot the AI-created texts, including a watermarking technique. As the chatbot service is still in the testing mode, OpenAI expects feedback and cooperation from educators so that AI could become truly useful for both learning and teaching.

We have previously reported how crypto community has found multiple creative applications for the recently launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot launched by research company OpenAI. At the same time, developers who use help from AI coding solutions tend to produce less secure products.


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