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Apple Launches AI-Powered Audio Book Narrations

In the busy modern world, audiobooks substitute reading on the go. The new AI-enabled solution from Apple allows independent authors and those associated with small publishers to be heard

Apple AI audio book


Apple has launched AI-powered audio narration service on Apple Books. Applications for conversion are currently accepted.

The tech giant has found another use for AI technology. The new AI-enabled voiceover will be helpful for independent authors who might not afford to convert their titles to audiobooks because of “the cost and complexity of production.” Presumably, the new narration method should be less expensive and much simpler as it doesn’t require sitting down and recording the narration in a studio.

At the same time, the conversion is not instant. Once an author submits a request, it takes about 1-2 months to process the book and conduct quality checks. The service is developed by a team of linguists, quality control specialists, and audio engineers who tune and train AI voices in specific genres.

At present, the company accepts applications from the authors in fiction and romance genres. Mysteries and thrillers, and science fiction and fantasy are not currently supported. Nevertheless, the company is starting its AI-powered voice narration work for nonfiction and self-development genres. With time, the scope of available genres will expand.

While the program is intended for independent authors, currently they have to sign up with partner publishing companies — Draft2Digital or Ingram CoreSource — to have their book narrated by Apple’s AI voices.


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