MeetKai Launches Digitising Service and Metaverse Builder

MeetKai startup is launching several new platforms for metaverse creators and users, including a room-scanning service and a tool to build structures and spaces in the metaverse

MeetKai Metaverse

Image: MeetKai

MeetKai, the conversational AI and metaverse startup, unveiled new offerings at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. These include MeetKai Reality, MeetKai Metaverse Editor, and MeetKai Cloud AI tools.

MeetKai Reality allows customers to digitise 3D spaces and buildings using any internet-connected device with a camera. After recording a few seconds of video featuring real-world objects and spaces, users upload the footage to the software platform, which renders the captured space in VR.

The service is expected to be useful in various industries, particularly for realtors, interior designers, architects, engineers, and retailers.

MeetKai Metaverse Editor is a new software that allows metaverse construction and space building with intuitively simple tools. Besides, the platform enables the collaboration of creators in real time, making both personal and corporate metaverse projects more manageable.

Finally, the startup is developing its own large language model (LLM) for specialised enterprise use cases. MeetKai’s Cloud AI will facilitate AI-human interactions with the cloud offering, enabling domain-specific, knowledge-driven Virtual Humans. The latter can leverage any form of multimedia to instantly interact with end users, using real-time reasoning capabilities. The company claims the solution will work at a fraction of the cost and 10x the speed of similar competitors’ products.

Although there are plenty of metaverse-building solutions on the market today, few of them are no-code. Therefore, MeetKai’s new products can potentially increase the number of virtual worlds’ creators and engage the general public with niche technology.


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