China obligates all mobile users to pass face identification

By 2020, the country plans to estimate each citizen according to the fiscal and governmental requirements

Face identificatioin

China obligates all mobile users to pass face identification. Source:

From now on, the Chinese are required to get their faces scanned while registering a new mobile gadget. This way, the government aims to implement the identity recognition for millions of users across the Internet. This is due to the security issues of citizens in digital space and the legitimization of their rights.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology obliged telecom operators with a new rule framing it as a way of cybersecurity strengthening. China’s facial recognition technology has already become a part of everyday life, including financial payments.

However, a large number of citizens express concern about the amount of information the government holds on them. China claims facial recognition to be a part of the observation chain, in fact, creating the risk of data weakening. The government also launched a ‘social credit’ system, tracking the citizens’ behavior within one database.


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