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Chinese crowdfunding has the highest transaction value: research

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Chinese crowdfunding has the highest transaction value: research. Source:

The total crowdfunding transaction value in 2023 will be $11.98 billion while this year, the value will total $8.54 billion, according to LearnBonds.

Furthermore, the data indicate that in 2021, the global crowdfunding transaction value will be $9.96 billion, a growth of about 14% from 2020’s estimates. In 2022, the value is set to top at $11.11billion.

For comparison, in 2017, the value was $3.98 billion which increased by 25% in 2018, registering $5.32 billion.

The study unveiled that a successful crowdfunding round not just gives businesses cash but launches a base of customers who are interested in the business’ success.

Besides, the number of funding campaigns is expected to keep boosting and reach 12.06 million campaigns over three years. As to the situation in 2017, the total number of campaigns was 5.2 million.

According to the data, the highest total transaction values were distributed between Asia, North America, and Europe. The total transaction value of $7.08 billion in 2020 went to Eastern Asia with China accounting for a percentage of the value at $7.05 billion.

Similarly, North America has $830 million, with the US accounting for $782 million. In total, European countries accounted for $296 million of the crowdfunding transaction value with the UK and France accounting for $100 million and $86 million, respectively.



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