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Coronavirus accelerates cloud adoption: research

Here’s how the pandemic has changed the cloud adoption in the enterprise

cloud adoption

Coronavirus accelerates cloud adoption: research. Source:

According to, the coronacrisis has encouraged businesses to rapidly adopt cloud technology.

For instance, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Amazon Chime eliminated the gap for businesses and society to stay connected during the lockdown.

What is more, Google classrooms and Microsoft Teams for Schools have revolutionized e-learning.

The research states that the ability for companies to switch between on-premise and public cloud is valuable from contingency and growth perspective.

As to the hybrid clouds, their options gather the benefits of private and public clouds and are increasingly being used by organizations of all sizes.

That allows firms to store their sensitive data on a private network while using the size and scale of the public cloud to store less sensitive information.

The study highlights that many organizations are currently finding themselves in a multi-cloud world with a more strategic emphasis. That is driven by different technical or business requirements.

We’ve reported that thousands of Zoom video calls have been leaked to YouTube and Vimeo. According to the statement, names and phone numbers, financial reports, intimate conversations, and children’s personal data have been exposed in more than 15,000 videos.


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