Countries leading in COVID-19 vaccine trials unveiled

Let’s take a look at these frontrunners

COVID-19 vaccine

Countries leading in COVID-19 vaccine trials unveiled. Source:

The US takes the lead in research, accounting for 11.5% of the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine studies, GlobalData states.

China is following with 7.6%, narrowly outnumbering India at 7.3%. Germany is in fourth place with 4.6%. Meanwhile, Brazil, the UK, and Australia are tied with 4.2% each.

The fast-spreading new COVID-19 variants may reduce the protective effects offered by the leading vaccines. As a result, researchers need to ascertain whether the vaccines are as effective against the new viral variants or if they require some level of modification to yield optimum immune response against the variants
Mohamed Abukar, MSc, Clinical Trials Analyst at GlobalData

The largest proportion of the ongoing vaccine trials are now in Phase II (38.6%) and Phase III (36.3%), after Phase I studies dominated the earlier period of the pandemic, the report reveals.

As clinical trials progress, more effective results of vaccine candidates have become available. The first data released, for Moderna’s and Pfizer/BioNTech’s, displayed the highest efficacy levels of around 95%.

At the same time, BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, and Gamaleya are the top 3 trial sponsors, each with 5 ongoing studies. Novavax, the University of Oxford, Sinovac, Moderna, Cadila, and CureVac are each sponsoring four studies.

We’ve reported that two Nordic countries will issue digital vaccine certificates.


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