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Curve Introduces Wearable Payments

Curve, an all-in-one financial app, is bringing wearable payments technology to the UK

Curve Introduces Wearable Payments

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Curve, a fintech that consolidates cards and accounts into one smart card and app, has partnered with wearable payments enabler Digiseq to give its 4 million customers the ability to pay for goods with speed, security and style.

Under a new partnership, Curve will offer its clients across 31 European countries the opportunity to make contactless payments via multiple fashion items like rings, bracelets and clothing. Unlike active wearable items like smartwatches, Digiseq’s stylish wearable items do not depend on battery life to function.

The innovative wearable tech enables virtually any passive item, e.g. a ring, bracelet, or item of clothing, to become a contactless payment method with a chip inserted. This innovation can provide banks, payment service providers and other businesses with new use cases, simultaneously driving up contactless transaction volumes and boosting interchange revenues.

Digiseq’s mobile personalisation technology RCOS will allow consumers to securely link their Curve payment account with their wearable using their Android or iOS smartphone. To do that, customers should use Digiseq’s white-labelled Manage-Mii app.

With a projected growth of more than $150bn over the next 10 years, the wearable payment devices market is bound to become mainstream. Therefore, the partnership between Curve and Digiseq comes at the right time to embrace the financial and customer engagement opportunities of the innovation.

Curve offers a mobile platform that allows users to manage their spending on multiple linked debit and credit cards in one place. Besides, it provides access to a growing number of payment features including contactless and mobile payments, the “Go Back in Time” transaction switching solution, cashback, competitive FX rates and free ATM withdrawals.

Since March 2022, Curve has been available in the US. US customers are also able to access Curve’s latest feature, Curve Credit, which is a solid alternative to BNPL services.

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