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Easy and Original DIY Photography Lighting Ideas

However, not everyone can shoot professionally with the right light. Some do not have the budget to buy all the necessary equipment, while others are not sure it’s worth buying.

Easy and Original DIY Photography Lighting Ideas


In this case, DIY lighting ideas can help. It will take you to a new level of photographic skill. The tips below will save you a lot of time and money. But before that, we’d like to mention an app that will help you add lights to your photos. Luminar Neo for light photo editing is a great choice for beginners and experienced photographers alike. Magic Light AI gives you the ability to add sparkling lights to your picture. Whether it’s a street or Christmas photo, you won’t be disappointed!

1. Get a Vintage Look with a Plastic Baggie

So, you decided to take some vintage-style photos. Of course, you can take some normal frames and then edit them with an app. But it is not necessary at all, because an everyday plastic baggie can help you.

Does it seem impossible to you? Well, let us dispel your doubts! So, take the following items:

  • One clear bag (zippers work great);
  • Scissors;
  • Markers if you need color leakage effects.

Your main goal is to add a leakage effect to the picture. It is through this that you will be able to create a vintage look. To achieve this, you will need to do one very simple thing, which is to cut a jagged hole in the bottom of the bag. The most important thing to keep in mind is its size. The hole should be big enough for the center of the lens to be in it. All you have to do while you are shooting is slip the bag around your lens. If you’ve done it right, your model will be in the center of the lens and the edges of the picture will be blurred.

2. Color Gels

If you want to do color lighting, this is your best choice. You won’t spend more than a few dollars because you only need three things: colored cellophane, an empty plastic bottle, and a flashlight. To make interesting color lighting, you need to put colored cellophane in the bottle. Then shine the flashlight into the hole. You will be surprised, but the effect will be stunning! We recommend starting with two colors of cellophane, namely blue and red. When you have tried them, you can use other colors as well. Nothing limits your experiments!

3. Fabric Optics

Do you want to make elegant color patterns with a light brush? Then this method is perfect for you. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the nearest store and find the cheapest heart-shaped lamp there. You can also find it in online stores.
  • Take the top part off of it.
  • Take a black ribbon and attach this top part to the lamp.

Voila, it’s done! Now all you have to do is move the brush slowly with the fiber optic in front of the camera to make a drawing in the air. We recommend doing this with different white balance settings. Believe me, this way you will get different unusual effects that will be difficult to repeat.

Fabric Optics


4. Lightsaber

If you think that only Star Wars fans need a lightsaber, you are very much mistaken. In fact, it is capable of creating some interesting ideas in photos.

To make a real lightsaber, you will need a flashlight, aluminum foil, duct tape, scissors, and a piece of white paper. The first thing you will need to do is to measure the size of the flashlight. Then use the scissors to cut as much white paper as you need to cover the entire flashlight. Wrap it around and then cover the top and bottom. Secure the paper with tape. After that, you will need to wrap this with aluminum foil. You need this to make the flashlight’s light brighter.

5. Balloon Softbox

This is the choice for those who want to take a photo with soft and gentle light. You only need a white balloon and a flashlight. You will need the balloon to blow. After that, put it on top of the flashlight.

The effect created by the balloon will vary with its size, so blow it up or down to see what works best for the photo. Remember that a narrow beam of light can be made bigger and softer without any problems. That way it will cover a larger area, which means it will be perfect for portraits.

Final Words

There are many DIY ideas of how to make lighting without the expense of money. And if you want to add light to your pictures, just try Luminar Neo. You’re sure to succeed! We wish you inspiration and great shots!

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