Dejamobile Now Allows You to Pay Tips via NFC

Dejamobile has added support for tips to its white-label SoftPOS solution ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants


Source: Dejamobile

Customers can now add tips to a transaction with a new feature added to Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants solution. The latter is available to payment providers as a white-label product.

The newly-added functionality enables merchant service providers, acquirers and payments facilitators to provide merchants with the ability to accept payments including a gratuity on a standard Android NFC phone.

The tool will be of great help to restaurant personnel who can use their own smartphone or Android device to accept payments instead of waiting for the POS terminal to be available. Besides, when you charge your customers faster and with less friction, they tend to be more satisfied with the overall service.

Moreover, restaurant managers can use the ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants app to check transactions and tips received in real time. Therefore, they can reward each employee according to an activity summary menu.

Although the solution is available as a standalone white-label SoftPOS app, it can also be seamlessly integrated into the existing cash register system.

The Dejamobile solution is used by dozens of businesses in Europe and Latin America. It is especially popular in Belgium, the UK or Peru where “rewarding staff with tips is really common and part of the culture”.


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