Dutch banks allow contactless payments with no PINs 

From now on, the customers won’t need to enter their PIN for payments below €25

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Dutch banks allow contactless payments with no PINs. Source:

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the Dutch banks allowed its customers to carry out more contactless payments eliminating the need for entering their PIN. The financial institutions believe that would slow the spread of COVID-19.

According to information, the total limit for contactless payments used to be €50, which is now being increased to €100.

The cumulative limit for contactless payments with a debit card, which used to be 50 euros, is now being raised to 100 euros. And while customers regularly used to have to insert their card in the payment terminal and enter their PIN even for totals below 25 euros, that will no longer be the case from now on.

However, in case clients make purchases for more than €25, they will still need to verify via PIN.

As to other countries, the banks across Norway has also raised the contactless limit from NOK400 to NOK500.


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