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eBay expands managed payments to the UK

The UK is the third market to offer eBay’s new payment management, after the US and Germany

eBay managed payments

eBay expands managed payments to the UK. Source:

eBay revealed it’s expanding the management of payments to the United Kingdom. This way, the company will enable buyers to choose payment methods and will provide sellers with an easier way to manage their businesses.

By starting to manage payments in the UK this year, we’re taking another step to deliver improvements for our customers. We know that sellers and buyers expect smooth and seamless transactions, and this new payment experience is designed to offer exactly that. In the coming months, we will make the transition as smooth as possible for sellers so they can take advantage of this important update quickly
Rob Hattrell, VP of eBay UK 

eBay aims to offer UK customers a variety of payment options, including credit card, Google Pay and PayPal. Apple Pay will be available as a payment option on iPhone and iPad as well.

Earlier in September 2018, eBay started managing payments on its platform in the US with a select group of sellers. In 2019, it has been launched in Germany in September 2019, paced by the terms of the Operating Agreement with PayPal.

eBay plans to continue its global expansion of its UK business sellers by the end of 2020 and a majority of its marketplace customers in 2021.



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