eBay introduces its new APIs

The platform says new APIs will enable developers to create innovative experiences at scale

eBay introduces its new APIs. Source:

According to the official announcement, eBay is launching new payments API capabilities that will give third-party developers access to eBay’s new managed payments program.

As eBay says, the new Finances API provides developers with a more holistic view of transactions on eBay to more seamlessly manage payouts to bank accounts for sellers enrolled in managed payments, get transaction details, and help sellers with accounting and reconciliation. Finances API is an alpha release intended for developer evaluation and feedback. The Account API adds a new capability to determine whether a seller has opted-in to the managed payments program. There’s also a new refund capability added to Fulfillment API that enables managed payments sellers to issue full or partial refunds to their buyers.

Promoted Listings capabilities were also enhanced with the Recommendation API. This API provides guidance for Promoted Listings to help sellers optimize their advertising strategy by leveraging trending ad rates and recommended listings. Third-party developers can use this new capability to competitively elevate sellers’ visibility in sponsored placements across eBay.

To simplify integration with APIs, eBay has released open source SDKs and client libraries for processing feeds and integration with eBay OAuth services.

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