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New solution for eSIM devices launched

Users will reportedly benefit from an automatic connection to a mobile network without the need of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

New solution for eSIM devices launched. Source:

Thales announces the launch of Gemalto Instant Connect, a connectivity solution to simplify the connection of eSIM-enabled devices on a mobile network.

To date, eSIM-equipped devices have had to rely on some form of primary connectivity before they are able to activate a full mobile subscription, either via a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other temporary connections.

In contrast, Gemalto Instant Connect leverages a revolutionary connectivity mechanism which allows mobile operators to remotely and automatically provide a mobile subscription to any genuinely offline eSIM-enabled device. Users can now activate their device in the same way as they are used to with conventional smartphone SIM cards. OEMs can, in turn, simplify their supply chain and shorten production time. This solution is compliant with existing remote eSIM management solutions, such as Subscription Management Discovery Service.

Between 2018 and 2022, an estimated 2.3 billion eSIM-compliant consumer devices will be shipped worldwide.

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