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Edge announced the launch of Mastercard crypto-backed card

Self-custody exchange Edge made an official announcement about Edge Mastercard.


Edge announced the launch of Mastercard crypto-backed card. Source:

Economic Times reports that Edge launched Mastercard card allowing its users to freely make payments with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc.

For conducting a smooth operation, users sell their BTC to the card when depositing their account, and sellers in turn receive the US dollars. To make a successful transaction to exchange cryptocurrencies to dollars you do not need to provide your credentials or pay any exorbitant fees — you only need to register your card in the application. 

Edge automatically connects to mobile payment services such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay. There are small restrictions from the get-go, namely, users will not be able to make transactions exceeding the $1,000 daily limit. Thanks to its huge scalability, it is possible to carry out financial transactions in more than 10 million outlets in the US. 

Paul Puey, co-founder of Edge, is sure that global innovation is important. Edge Mastercard is at the forefront of changes when it comes to daily crypto payments. Now, all users who have BTC, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies will be able to seamlessly make transactions at various merchants where the Mastercard is accepted. Edge already has built-in exchange rates provided by sources such as Coinmarketcap for real-time tracking of crypto assets prices.

We`ve reported that Mastercard launches the Digital First program.


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