Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Which Crypto was More Popular in 2022?

Total transactions on the Ethereum network outstripped Bitcoin more than fourfold, although Bitcoin remained the leader in online search interest

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Ethereum transactions were 338% higher last year. Image:

According to data from Nasdaq and Ycharts shared on Reddit, there were 338% more Ether transactions in 2022 (408.5 million) than Bitcoin ones (93.1 million). At the same time, BTC remained the most searched-for cryptocurrency.

Per estimates, the average daily transaction numbers stood at around 1.1 million for ETH and 255,000 for BTC. At the same time, Ethereum experienced much more volatility in transaction volumes, while Bitcoin transactions were steadier and more periodic.

A few days into the new 2023 year, the trends remain similar. Thus, the Ethereum transaction count on Jan. 2 was 924,614, a 300% increase compared to Bitcoin’s 229,191 on the same day.

It is notable that all the given estimations don’t include ETH layer 2 transactions, which would give Ethereum even more dominance over Bitcoin in terms of transaction volume.

Meanwhile, BTC was the most popular crypto on the Google search engine in 2022, with 28.4 million monthly Google searches globally. Ethereum didn’t make it into the top three with its 3.8 million global monthly searches, as the next most searched-for crypto items were meme tokens SHIB and DOGE.


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