European Commission to Start Large-Scale Testing of the European Digital Identity Wallet

European Digital Identity Wallet pilot programmes will test the solution across multiple use cases, e.g. in-store, online and cross-border payments, travel, e-commerce, access to services and credential verification

European Digital Identity Wallet


The European Commission has selected four proposals for large-scale pilot programmes testing the European Digital Identity Wallet. The trials are set to begin early next year.

Three of the selected proposals come from international consortia of public and private sector organisations — Nordic-Baltic eID Project (Nobid), the European Digital Identity Wallet Consortium (EWC) and Digital Credentials for Europe (DC4EU).

The project put forward by Nobid focuses on payment issuance, instant payments, A2A transfers and payment acceptance both in-store and online.

EWC will test the use of the EU Digital Identity Wallet in the travel industry — e.g. providing passenger information, buying goods and services, as well as trusted business-to-business interactions.

Meanwhile, DC4EU will trial cross-border use cases to verify that the wallet is “compatible with the business requirements for educational credentials and professional qualifications and social security”. It will also test its “identity and signature capabilities” in “cross-multiprotocol scenarios”.

When the test stage is over, every EU citizen or legal resident will be able to use a personal digital wallet to identify themselves or provide confirmation of certain personal information.

European Commission has allocated EUR 37 million in funding to complete the proposed trials.


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