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Facebook and Instagram started a charity campaign

Facebook announced making donations to nonprofits on GivingTuesday and launching new products to make giving back seamless on the apps


Facebook and Instagram started a charity campaign. Source:

Facebook is planning to match up to $7 million in donations to nonprofit organizations this GivingTuesday, which is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, December 3 this year.

The company will launch the row of new fundraising tools, including fundraiser stickers, charity livestreaming, and Instagram donate button on business account profiles. People can use the fundraiser sticker in their stories to rally their friends behind a cause and raise awareness of fundraisers. Users can promote a specific nonprofit or personal fundraiser just by using these new stickers.

As to the livestreaming tool, gaming creators can select causes for viewers to support, set donation goals, add a donation progress bar and share donation alerts within a livestream video. As a result, people can donate while watching a livestream.

The new donate button on Instagram allows nonprofits with business accounts to raise money directly from their profiles, making it even easier for their communities to support them.


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