Facebook dominates app market during lockdown: research

With 850 million downloads in 2020, TikTok is the world’s most popular app


Facebook dominates app market during lockdown: research. Source:

According to Bacancy Technology, while TikTok has been revealed as the world’s most popular and downloaded mobile app, social media giant Facebook dominates the market with 4 of its platforms.

In fact, TikTok was downloaded a total of 850 million times in 2020, receiving 250 million more downloads than the second most popular app on the list, WhatsApp.

However, Facebook takes up four spots in the top 10 most popular apps of 2020, with a combined total of over 2 billion downloads. This figure accounts for 46% of the total download figures within the top 10 list.

Following last year’s increase in remote working, conference call platform Zoom, which ranks 5th on the global list, received 477 million downloads in 2020, coupled with an increase in revenue of 317% over figures from 2019.

Source: Bacancy Technology

Assessing a number of the most popular social platforms, the US ranks as the country with the highest active user counts for Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat. India, with the second-highest population in the world, has the largest amount of users of both WhatsApp and Facebook.

However, analysing an app’s number of users as a percentage of each country’s population reveals that TikTok has the highest penetration in the Netherlands with 22% of its population using TikTok. This is followed by the US (19%) and Norway (18%).

Meanwhile, 7 in 10 Spanish citizens are actively using Whatsapp, while 3/4 of the population of the Philippines have active profiles on Facebook – a figure that trumps both America (57%) and the UK (55%).

Half of the Turkish population are active on their Instagram accounts – representing the country with the highest usage, and the same can be said of Snapchat’s popularity in Saudi Arabia, with 50% of the population holding active user accounts.

Naturally, these figures do not factor in fake accounts or users that may have more than one social media account, though they show an interesting indication of each app’s global popularity.

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