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Meta Considers News Blocking From Facebook in Australia

Meta is currently considering blocking news content on its Facebook digital platform in Australia.

Meta Considers News Blocking From Facebook in Australia

The mentioned probability will become a reality if the government of the specified country forces the technology giant to pay licensing fees. The corresponding statement on Friday, June 28, was made by Meta’s regional policy director Mia Garlick at a parliamentary hearing. When asked if the technology giant would ban Australians from sharing news content to avoid paying fees, she said all options for responding to the government’s decision were currently being considered.

During a conversation with media representatives, Mia Garlick stated that there are a large number of channels from which people can get news content. According to her, Meta is currently waiting to see if Canberra will apply the untested law of 2021, according to which the Australian government gets the right to set the fee that US technology giants pay media outlets for links.

The statement made on Friday indicates that the owner of Facebook is resolute in its attitude. The technology giant showed similar determination last year when a law analogous to the Australian one came into force in Canada.

Since the mentioned Law of 2021 was passed, Meta has entered into agreements with Australian media companies News Corp and Australian Broadcasting Corp. The technology giant does not intend to extend these agreements after 2024.

Australia’s assistant treasurer will have to decide whether to step in and force Facebook to pay for news content. So far, activities are underway to consider the prospects and implications of this decision.

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