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Baidu Launches Upgraded AI Model

Chinese Internet search giant Baidu on Friday, June 28, presented a new version of its Ernie 4.0 Turbo artificial intelligence model.

Baidu Launches Upgraded AI Model

A new modification of an existing digital product is expected to help the mentioned company strengthen its position in the Chinese machine intelligence market, where there is currently a very high level of competition. It is worth noting that nowadays increased competition is the tendency characteristic of the entire global artificial intelligence industry. AI is the main technology of our time, which is why its active development and the emergence of an increasing number of companies involved in relevant activities are natural.

Ernie 4 debuted in October. Baidu stated that this digital product can fully compete with OpenAI GPT-4 in terms of capabilities.

A new version of the artificial intelligence model, elaborated by the Chinese Internet search giant, will be available to users through web interfaces and mobile apps. Developers will be able to integrate this technology through the Qianfan machine intelligence platform. This was stated by Baidu Chief Technology Officer Wang Haifeng at a corporate event.

It also became known that the number of users of the Ernie Bot chatbot, which operates based on artificial intelligence technology, amounted to 300 million people.

Moreover, on Friday, Baidu announced an update to its PaddlePaddle machine intelligence ecosystem. Currently, this ecosystem supports 14.65 million developers and serves 370,000 businesses and institutions.

As we have reported earlier, Baidu Revenue Grows.

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